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According to the International Rugby Board and its “Laws of the Game,” a rugby match lasts 80 minutes, divided into two 40-minute halves. A halftime period of no more than 10 minutes separates the halves. In noninternational rugby matches, a controlling body or union can decide the length of a match, according to IRB rules. Add Additional Time

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by ahmcgowan. Rugby games are 80 minutes long, with two 40 minute halves. During half time each team changes ends. Half time should last not more than 15 minutes.

How long is a rugby game? Shorter than you think - Atrox Rugby

In this post, I will attempt to answer this question as well as I can: The best short answer is that a game of rugby is 80 minutes long. This is divided into two 40-minute halves which are separated by a half time break of no more than 15 minutes.

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35 mins 25 secs. 44.3%. (Source IRB Report 2011) While the increase from 1995 is significant, the fact that at the 2011 level the ball is in play for only 44% of the nominal 80 minutes of the game ...

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Rugby union, commonly known simply as rugby, is a close-contact team sport that originated in England in the first half of the 19th century. One of the two codes of rugby football, it is based on running with the ball in hand. In its most common form, a game is played between two teams of 15 players each, using an oval-shaped ball on a ...

What is the game length of a rugby match?

The length of a rugby match in dependent of the age of the people playing it, the younger the children the shorter the games which is played. In England this is decided and controlled by the English Rugby Football Union, the RFU. On a full 15 a-side game, it is 40mins each half and if need be extra time can be played.

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80 minutes long. 40 minutes each half. The referee will not blowthe final whistle until the ball goes dead. Technically as long asa try is not scored, a penalty not given or the ball not kickedout,...

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A game of rugby union has two periods of 40 minutes each. In international matches the referee will stop the clock for stoppages. Between the two halves, there is a maximum 10-minute interval,...