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5. Forehand & Backhand – Ch.1 – Tennis

5. Forehand & Backhand Forehand. The tennis forehand is essential for a player to keep a game going by rallying with the opponent and scoring from the baseline. To hit a forehand, the player: Turns non-dominant shoulder towards the net; Drops the head of the racket behind him/her; Swings low to high (out and up)

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Same as on forehand, sliding on backhand is an important way to reach to the balls that are far from us and we need inertia to hit them. slide with your outside leg (right for right-handed players) step out to the side with your back leg after the stroke. pivot with your non-dominant leg and return to the middle.

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Tennis Forehand & Backhand Differences and Similarities. For more tennis forehand lessons please visit our website at: http://ctwacademy.comVISIT CTW ACADE...

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The process is very similar if you’re changing from a forehand grip to a two-handed backhand grip except that now you turn the racquet handle a bit less and your non-dominant hand eventually slides down the throat and grips the handle in an Eastern forehand grip.

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In the same way as a double handed backhand can provide this advantage, using two hands on your forehand can be a great way to soak up your opponent’s power and redirect their shots with interest. When you think about it, playing the forehand with two hands does keep the racket closer to your body, so naturally it will be easier to get your body behind the ball and block shots back into play.

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The difference between the forehand drive and backhand drive can also be seen in the movement of the body. Players are not expected to do a full-body rotation like the forehand drive. The backhand drive is usually taught as a second shot by coaches and is used to control rallies.

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Many players are naturally gifted with a strong forehand and heavily rely on this shot to get by. Through these backhand drills, you will become a more versatile player and will increase the variety of tennis shots you are able to hit with ease. When it comes to backhands, the two-hander is more common amongst players of all levels and skill.